Asia Pacific Land Case Study

Posted by Grandstream Networks Case Studies on Dec 15, 2021 1:56:42 PM

Asia Pacific Land (APL) is a real estate investment and asset management firm that focuses on value-added development, redevelopment, portfolio acquisition, and other complex transactions. Founded in 1994, APL has over 20 years of investing experience with more than 1 billion US dollars invested worldwide. Now with eight office locations internationally, strong communication is essential to increase productivity and efficiency for future growth.


Requirement: A Flexible, State-of-the-Art Video Conferencing Solution for their Global Offices

Like many large global companies, Asia Pacific Land actively searches for innovative solutions to help grow and promote reliability, productivity, and efficiency within their complex organization. With multiple offices around the world, video conferencing was the ideal medium for effective communication. Prior to discovering Grandstream, APL relied on Skype for Business (SfB) as their main video conferencing platform. Because APL was growing at such a fast rate, they quickly realized the need to find a new service that would better suit their needs. It was becoming difficult to use SfB to communicate with people outside the company as many were using different platforms that did not support Skype. The lack of cross-platform compatibility caused a major problem as it hindered communication efforts. Because of this reason, using SfB also affected attempts to interview new recruits as the company continued to grow. These frustrating factors lead APL to search for a better option.

Asia Pacific Land had a few requirements for their new solution. It had to be able to integrate all different types of communication technologies, allow easy conferencing between their global offices, and have high video resolution. APL was not willing to compromise with basic video and audio quality. Another important requirement was the capability of having a strong connection between their main offices in Tokyo and Los Angeles.

Asia Pacific Case Study ImageThe Solution: Grandstream’s GVC series and IPVideoTalk

After consulting with Daiwa Technical, Asia Pacific Land was advised that Grandstream’s GVC3202 Video Conferencing The device was their ideal option. With IPVideoTalk, Grandstream’s cloud-based video conferencing service, bundled as the service, Grandstream fulfilled all its requirements. Thanks to its 1080p full-HD video resolution, 3-way video conferencing capabilities, Android-based platform, and support for third-party SIP efficiency, the GVC3202 became the ideal video conferencing solution for their needs. After learning about all these outstanding features, APL agreed to test the GVC3202. During the demo period, Mr. Tabata, Information Technology Manager of APL said “the image resolution was really captivating and our employees all were surprised by its simple to use features. It was obvious that the GVC3202 was a suitable fit for Asia Pacific Land.”

IPVideoTalk for Video, Audio, Web, and Mobile Conferencing

After considering a variety of top-tier solutions, APL chose to implement Grandstream’s GVC3202, a versatile and cutting-edge video conferencing system that brings powerful benefits to all business environments. “The condition of the GVC3202 in which it offers SIP compliance and outstanding image quality was the winning factor for us,” said Mr. Tabata. Furthermore, APL was impressed that Daiwa Technical had dedicated support engineers and offered exclusive support for Japanese users. “If I make a phone call, it will be connected immediately to a support engineer. The response time is quick, which makes it convenient,” stated Mr. Tabata.

After switching to IPVideoTalk, APL experienced a new and productive way of using video conferencing. IPVideoTalk not only saved time with its easy-to-use interface but also saved money on business travel. This robust platform allowed APL to have meetings on the computer and through their mobile devices. With just a click of a button, APL could host meetings, share their screen for presentations, and attend meetings from anywhere on almost any device using WiFi.

The Result

It’s been a year since the integration of the GVC3202 and IPVideoTalk with continued success and satisfaction from APL. Grandstream’s video conferencing solution has helped APL’s communication strategy by unifying their globally dispersed business and increasing their overall communication experience. The GVC3202 and IPVideoTalk exceeded all of APL’s expectations.




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