ABA Corp Apartment Facility Access and Unified Communications Solution

Posted by Grandstream Networks Case Studies on Feb 9, 2022 6:29:11 PM

ABA Corporation has been setting industry benchmarks in India’s real estate sector for over 25 years. They have delivered renowned projects and serviced prominent landmarks throughout the county. ABA Corp has also developed a number of residential apartments and commercial complexes that are well-known in Orange and Cleo Counties. The company is known for its commitment to quality and thematic designs.



ABA Corp. was taking on a new residential project in Cleo County, India. This large high-rise with more than 2000 apartments needed comprehensive facility access, intercom, and security solution to keep flat owners safe, provide easy video communication throughout the tower, manage access to the complex, and keep common areas and tower entries secure. They were also looking to provide a centralized communication hub within each flat for video, audio, and web communications. As the tower featured high-end luxury apartments, the solution needed to represent the luxury that the tower was promoting through sleek, innovative yet easy-to-use technology.

ABA Corp. set out to build the facility access and video security/communication solution that the apartment tower needed to attract and retain luxury owners. They reached out to the local technology integrator, the Kruti Group, for advice and assistance in designing the solution. After considering many different products from a variety of manufacturers, and at the recommendation of the Kruti Group and their distributor Cohesive Technologies, ABA Corp. decided to build a solution anchored by Grandstream’s UCM6510 IP PBX and GXV series of IP Video Phones for Android™.

The Solution

The license-free and video-enabled UCM6510 was chosen to facilitate the entire solution, with Grandstream’s GXV series of Video Phones, 2N’s Video Door Phones, and Milesight IP cameras being added as extensions on the UCM6510. ABA Corp. selected the UCM6510 because it offers comprehensive voice, video, data, and mobility features and is easily expandable because it does not require licensing fees or costs per feature. Grandstream’s GXV series of IP Video Phones for Android was installed in all flats, all staff areas, and all common= areas to provide a video communications intercom and video security monitor. This popular IP Video Phone series was chosen because of its sleek design, ability to support video calling, and extension of Android capabilities to owners. A GXV3275 was installed in each flat to allow owners to let visitors in while giving them a streaming voice/ video intercom with potential visitors at any entrance. Flat owners and security staff can also view live feeds from any security camera on their GXV series device simply by dialing an extension. These Android-powered IP Video Phones also offer a sleek, easy-to-use hub for web access, Android apps, and other voice/video communications. Two UCM6510s were installed centrally in the towers’ server room, while 2500 GXV3275s were installed throughout the facility, including in all flats. Video Door Phones were installed at every entrance to the facility, while IP cameras were installed throughout hallways, common areas, and restricted areas. Every device was registered as an extension on one of the two UCM6510s to allow for easy setup and simple extension dialing from device to device. The entire network was built as an internal SIP network, with the UCM6510 anchoring all traffic.

The Results

The Grandstream-anchored solution installed in this apartment tower in Cleo County, India has made the tower safer in a variety of ways while increasing communication throughout the facility. The solution is providing a comprehensive voice and video intercom throughout the premises, which allows owners and staff complete control of visitor entry. The solution also made it easier for owners and staff to communicate with each other. ABA Corp. has also reported that flat owners love having a sleek, innovative communication hub in their flat, the GXV3275. Thanks to Grandstream solutions, this residential tower in Cleo County, India has built the intercom, security, and facility access solution they needed to attract luxury owners.

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