Allison Smith - Guest Blogger and Professional Telephony Voice

Allison Smith is a professional telephone voice, heard on platforms globally. The voice of many platforms for Cisco Meraki, Mitel, Verizon and Bell, Allison is also very known in the Open Source Telephony community as the voice of the Asterisk Open Source PBX, FREESwitch, FreePBX, and of course, the core voice of Grandstream. Private clients include PetSmart, Samsung, NASA, State Farm, and others. A prolific blogger and speaker, Allison shares her unique perspective from behind the mic to improve the caller experience and make IVR, Call Center, On Hold, and AI prompts more streamlined and easier to use.

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Los 5 Principales Errores que Cometen los Propietarios de Pequeñas Empresas con su IVR

Como propietario de una pequeña empresa, su sistema telefónico marca la pauta para las personas que llaman. Les permite saber cómo será hacer negocios con usted; les da una idea de su personalidad y del tipo de empresa que es.

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